Tools (Deprecated)


Tools are an extremely loose way to develop what your character is good at. During character creation players are asked to write down three tools that there character will use during the game.  Some examples:

  • I am hansom
  • I well respected
  • I am hard to kill
  • My god favors me
  • I am I am good liar
  • I know people
  • I have a lock pick
  • I am feared
  • I am strong
  • I have a humongous ax

This list contains a variety of things including: items, physical attributes, skills, relationships and reputations. Tools can be anything that could work to your characters advantage. Tool are used by the DM  to help them come up with DCs. They are updated as the DM see fit, loose your humongous ax and it’s off the list.

Tools can also be bad things. Example: say a character loose a leg in a fight, the player would add “I only have one leg” as a tool and the DM would take that into account when come up with leg-related-DCs.