What Is Wanderer?

Wanderer itself is not a game. Wanderer is a tool which you and a group of friends can use to play roleplaying games, like Dungeons and Dragons.  The developers grew up playing roleplaying games in-person with books, but as we grew older and moved apart, we had to switch to online tools. However, we like to make our own games as well as play existing ones, and the tools available didn’t always have the flexibility we needed to play our (sometimes very idiosyncratic) creations. This served as the inspiration for us to make a tool of our own. We built it to have customizable modules that players can piece together into character sheets, and we built it to save those character sheets to the cloud. Now we present it to you, our fellow gamers.


All communiques and inquiries should be sent to – wandererroleplaying@gmail.com


Update or Die Out

We are updating our host website; until then our podcast content will be unavailable. Edit: We’re back baby! The final two City of Magbriggan episodes will drop some time in June. Stay tuned for more online tabletop rpg design posts.