City Of Magbriggan, Part 1: Let the Games Begin!

Welcome to Magbriggan, city of demons! The curtains open as Baxter Crixus –an 18th century English nobleman imprisoned in Magbriggan after making a deal with a demon to win a duel — fights for his life in the demons “human fighting arena”. Among the crowd a pair of long lost twins cheer for opposing sides. In Baxters corner is Sic Cofactum the well respected alderman of the documented district. Rooting against Baxter is Banerthal Say, an ill tempered humor smuggler who wants nothing more than to escape the city.

The Ousichor, Part 12: The Last Encounter

Unfortunately, due to recording malfunctions, this is the last installment of The Ousichor sessions.  The crew fight another Thorb in this one.  They continue South where they take part in a celebration called Hay Day; that gets interrupted by a spherical titan.  They go on South to confront the evil tyrant and his army of fake humans, once and for all.