Update or Die Out

We are updating our host website; until then our podcast content will be unavailable.
Edit: We’re back baby!

The final two City of Magbriggan episodes will drop some time in June. Stay tuned for more online tabletop rpg design posts.

Introducing the Wanderer RPG Podcast

This is the first installment in our introductory group of four.  Our heroes first learn about the Tree of a Thousand Lives, a legendary tree that grows underground and can heal any illness.  But first, our heroes need to make their characters.  Then they start their adventure in this exciting, psuedo Ancient Greece setting.  Follow along if you are interested in: coding, role-playing games, storytelling, app development, humor, and geeky hijinks.

You may find the Wanderer RPG app below:

Windows App Store Version

Android Version

Step into the foggy world of intriguing puzzles and open world wandering.  Stay tuned as we unveil the remaining exploits, more game testing, and more stories.

Cheers; and do stay afloat.